Introducing Alpha the world’s first AI Robot Character.

Bandenia working in Collaboration with the Smart company group proudly announces its joint venture agreement with Cymecs to release the world’s first A.I Robot. With the speed of technology and global needs of technology on a global basis playing part in our every day life’s , part of the smart Groups to get in to the technology sector to help Launch one of the worlds first Artificial Intelligence robot. Alpha was designed to Teach English in the Asia World where we have now taken this to another dimension looking at artificial intelligence and robotic technology to help in various field in life.

This is a unique and groundbreaking idea in which the Alpha Robot and A.I. Conversational system can be integrated into a network media with programs and content that enable children to interact “By” –“Through” or “With” the Alpha Robot with pre programmed course from a Broadcast and ALSO interact and communicate with Classmates if so choosing in real-time.

This concept and method has some sophistication involve but not so complicated or requiring any new development. The real magic comes from creative use of the existing technology.
This method and concept IS patentable.

The primary reason for publicizing Alpha through a broadcast network is first and foremost Promotion of the Alpha character. The Alpha robot and its A.I. system is one of many product line of the Licensable Characters. Alpha’s personality is derived from its background story. The exposure of Alpha the Character prior to release of the product commercially will allow the public (and children) familiar of the character Alpha and the personality. Revenue stream could be generated by subscription and membership