Block Chain & Crypto

Block Chain & Crypto

Bandenia are launching a fiat valued based crypto coin.

The crypto fintech market though a promising one has its fair share of defiance that is ironically related to the very feature that made the cryptocurrencies so popular in the first place- anonymity.

The anonymity of cryptocurrencies has made it difficult for the users and the investors alike to deal with crypto based transactions due to regulations imposed by several nations. Since the crypto based transactions are anonymous, many nations have the inherent fear of the technology being misused for either terrorist or illegal activities.

Lack of a robust technological platform has also rendered dealing in crypto transactions a cumbersome process. The blockchain is an ever-evolving technology and its future depends on the core technical foundation and the ease with which users can benefit from it. Lack of a solid foundation often deters users and investors from dealing in crypto based fintech platforms.

The cryptocurrency services lack a full banking service hence many features that are associated with a conventional banking system are missing in the prevalent crypto based fintech systems. ‘Coins’ as crypto assets are yet to provide regular banking returns such as Fixed deposits or Term deposits due to the lack of a healthy infrastructure to support the same.

Transaction speed and a non-agile customer service have added to the woes which when combined with the other challenges threaten to derail the predicted substantial growth of the industry.


Bandenia have an arm for an off-shore crypto banking platform that supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies thereby letting users transact and deal in them and thus help them diversify their crypto assets along with the creation of a business portfolio.

Offering all the services of a traditional banking system, Victorieum provides International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and Bank Identifier Code (BIC) in an internationally recognisable format. The SWIFT MT103 transfer technology allows instant SWAP between cryptocurrencies and fiat along with supporting various cryptocurrencies such as USD, GBP, EURO, etc.