Bandenia working with the Smart Group and its team having over 25 years of experience in planning issues, developments, investments.

Having masterminded planning schemes for a vast range of projects: simple application for an extension – to planning complete shopping centres from one-to-thousands of units – Smart Group has an astonishing ability to succeed in planning applications time-after-time. Including the succes- sion in overturning planning policies; a remarkable achieve- ment in the UK.

National brands such as Barratt Homes have been privileged to work with Saleem Aslam for exciting opportu- nities that were created. The Smart Group has enhanced growth by strategically investing into specific markets and industries, thus ensuring leads in any industry that they were involved in.

Some project examples include:
o Housing scheme in Marbella, Spain.
o Central London car parks (U-Park Holdings Ltd).
o Commercial mid rise development in Lahore, Pakistan.
o Construction of a 275 bed hotel in Paris.
o Construction of luxury villas in Dubai, UAE.
o Luxury residential refurbishments in London.

Some Previous Projects



The existing building is bounded by Croydon Flyover and Edridge Road on an important corner site in central Croydon.

Proposed Scheme:
The site offers a good opportunity to introduce residential use to this central area of Croydon and in doing so change the image of the building within a mixed use scheme, retaining the office use on the first and second floors as well as part ground floor. The existing building consists of ground plus thirteen floors.

Total site value after development circa:



This site is a large rectangular shaped plot (2.4 hectares) situated on the east side of Rowan Road. Historically known as UGI Smith meters.

Proposed Scheme:
Redevelopment of site – Provision of 99 residential units within 8 buildings. Erection of three 2 storey business (Class Bl) buildings (10,618 square metres)

Total site value after development:



This is an island site, surrounded by three modes of traffic. To the north-west and south, it is surrounded by Tidal Basin Road, and to the west, Silvertown Viaduct and Lower Lea roundabout.

Proposed Scheme:
The proposal creates 3490m2 of commercial floor space, along with 420 residential units and 235 car parking spaces.

Total site value after development 
around £150,000,000



The Silkstream propery investment was a $21M turnaround accomplishment to break barriers in a difficult down-market recession. The property was taken off Barratt homes – a major public home- builder, who had struggled to sell the units and determine a successful strategy.
Initiating a successful joint venture with YOO, Saleem Aslam successfully repositioned, rebranded and targeted the property to appeal to first time buyers seeking affordable Central London living with modern, appealing and innovate design.

Over the past ten years YOO has won many awards, becoming the world’s largest residential design brand. It has been working across the world with international developers on residential and hotel projects throughout the world – design and marketing of over 10,000 homes in 31 cities.
YOO is a unique design house with experience in cutting edge affordable luxury design in over 24 countries.
Directors Philippe Starck, Marcel Wanders, Anouska Hempel, Jade Jagger and Kelly Hoppen. – gives a unique design DNA that could only come from working with the world’s best.
Headed by Mark Davison, the studio’s experience is enhanced by its diversity of over 20 architects, interior and product designers with big imaginations, providing a choice of looks and styles to suit the lifestyles of today’s modern dwellers.